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About the trade fair

Original, functional and ecological packaging, services, displays, colourful and intelligent labels. Substantive lectures and other parts of the rich accompanying program complement the fair. For the fifteenth time, products and services corresponding to each branch of the economy will be presented, this time in a new version - in Krakow! We will focus on ecology, technology and design. Is it possible to combine these issues? We will ask this question to our participants who are experts in the packaging industry.

Thematic scope

  • Packaging and components
  • Services
  • Technology
  • Labels and printing
  • Eko
  • Design i advertisements
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    Exhibitor profile

    • packaging
    • labels and printing
    • intelligent packaging
    • ecological packaging
    • packaging recovery and recycling organizations
    • service: design, packaging testing, legal services
    • packaging and label production management software
    • materials needed for the production of packaging and labels
    • logistics, storage
    • associations
    • publishing houses
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    Visitor profile - industries

    • cosmetic
    • food
    • drinks
    • advertising
    • chemical
    • clothing and footwear
    • pharmaceutical
    • logistic
    • automotive
    • other: zoological, construction, furniture, electronic
  • I think that all exhibitors from the industry are here. Here we can compare our offer with the competition and check what other exhibitors offer. We can also present the offer to potential recipients here. At the fair, we can arrange a meeting, present the offer. Touch, see and talk about the product. Such a presentation is not possible over the phone.

  • We are pleasantly surprised for several reasons, firstly, how large the audience was yesterday and visitors asking about specific things related to our activities, secondly, we are pleasantly surprised at how a large, open stand works, because it is a very cool idea and I think if we participate, and we have been a guest for several years for the first time in such a large area, we will only go in this direction, it is a completely different contact with the client.

  • I think that there is still a lot of interest in the fair, it would seem that people today live in the world of the Internet and look for information through digital means. However, here I meet a lot of interesting "insights" from potential customers, there is a lot of interest, and a lot of people, and we also learn a lot from customers. There is also a lot of interest in the strongly ecological trend, and a lot of people ask about it, so from the perspective of the exhibitor, I am very happy to participate in this fair.

  • Ewelina Cackowska

    RPC Bramlage

  • Mariusz Saduś


  • Patrycja Rakowska-Dębska

    Stora Enso in Poland