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On September 20-21, 2023, during the Packaging Innovations Fair and the Krakow International Interior&Architecture Fair — the WFP exhibition in Vienna* will take place, presenting selected projects created at the Faculty of Industrial Design of the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. Thanks to the courtesy of EXPO Kraków, you will be able to see the projects of students from the last few years, with particular focus on packaging and interior design. Dozens of projects gathered at the exhibition in Vienna Room present innovative solutions in the field of design.

Since the establishment of the Faculty in 1964, more than 1,100 design graduates have left the walls of the university. Over the course of nearly 60 years, design education has changed – as have technologies, tools, economic factors and the broader conditions of life on earth. And although man and everything that surrounds him remains in the center of the designer's interest, the context has changed.

Responding to human needs, young designers look more broadly at improving the living conditions of human beings. They achieve this goal through responsible and sustainable design of not only well-functioning objects. Thanks to design that pays attention to the materials used, the environmental hazards generated in production and the reduction of excess goods, we will be able to live in a stable and safe world – this is a real answer to the needs of modern man.

The WFP exhibition in Vienna* is the presentation of projects by students of the Faculty of Industrial Design from the last few years. The subject matter of the work focuses on two areas. The first is packaging desigs that respond not only to the needs of producers, but also address the issues of environmental protection. The second area related to everyday life is represented – among others – by furniture and ceramics design. The presented works reflect the students' interests, but also say a lot about their sensitivity to the challenges of the modern world

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You will see at the art exhibition: