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- Student Zone Competition - 8. Student Zone 2019

The Winners of Student Zone Competition 


Impress Category

Author: Bartosz Świątkowski

School: Uniwersytet Technologiczno-Przyrodniczy w Bydgoszczy

Project: Opakowanie na płytę inspirowane miastem

The packaging is bound together with a dust jacket made of decorative paper with metallic particles, on which the name and name of the author of the album are embossed. After opening the digipack, the three-dimensional city breaks down, which depth is reflected in the CD.

"Funkcjonalność i forma"

Functionality and shape Category

Natalia Płaskońska "Semic"

Author: Natalia Płaskońska 

School: Politechnika Śląska

Project: SEMIC

SEMIC is a cotter pin providing at the same time maximum comfort and safety when using cans with drinks. By its form, it minimizes the risk of contact with dangerous bacteria resulting from storage of cans in various conditions. In addition, it allows free use of the product through an easy way of opening, protection against pollution, reducing the risk of spillage and gas degassing. Thanks to its simple design, the pin remains open when opened next to the forest, without being a separate element that increases the risk of environmental pollution.

Graphic layout Category


Author: Mikołaj Chrostowski

School: Akademia Sztuk Pięknych w Łodzi

Project: Remedi

Remedi is a grotesque production that winks at the viewer with its sense of humor and a surprising set of functions. Each label has a bookmark on the back - in it there is a crayon, which with its color symbolizes the type of beer assigned to it. You can use it to color the front of the label. The set also includes a poster, brochures and postcards. The labels were made of 160g textured paper. Thanks to this, during coloring you can get an effect similar to medieval engravings.

Participants of 2nd part od Student Zone Cometition 2019


Impress Category

Inez Hinczewska - Chees&Mouse

Author: Inez Hinczewska

School: Uniwersytet Technologiczno-Przyrodniczy w Bydgoszczy


Toy packaging - a plush mouse, inspired by a triangular form of cheese made of corrugated board. The packaging treated as a display presenting the product has an additional fun function. After untying the bow and removing the product, the packaging encourages further interaction. Cotton string is a form of closing the packaging. After unpacking the toy, the child can use the packaging as a board interlacing string. It is a kind of educational fun that allows further effective use of packaging. The board is designed in two versions: standard round holes inspired by cheese holes and a typographic version. In the letter version, the child can intertwine the string to get the inscription CHEESE or MOUSE.

Karolina Plac "Cosmic"

Author: Karolina Plac

School: Akademia Sztuk Pięknych w Łodzi

Project: Cosmic

Cosmic is a series of packaging that is characterized by simplicity
geometric solids, and the characteristic triangular element is the characteristic triangular intersection.
The graphics were inspired by nebulae and galaxies. This gives the packaging exclusivity and catches the eye with its pugnacity.

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