7. Student Zone Competition 2018

First place

Autor: Gwardyś-Skuza Anna

School: Academy of Art in Łódź
Project: Z’wieszak

The project presents a multi-functional display. Z'wieszak is a package for a handkerchief, and after removing the product becomes an origami toy to be put together with the parent. After the end of the game, we can use the pet's head as a mask. The advantage is the use of gray cardboard, which the child can decorate. The main idea was to create a product that we can give the second and third life. In this way, the product's life cycle is extended by further hours.

2nd place

Autor: Chwedoruk Dorota
School: Academy of Art Warszawie
Project: Pinkki - packaging for tampons

The project is dedicated to active women, leading an intense lifestyle. It is an alternative to large packets of tampons. Thanks to the division into 4 modules, there is no need to carry a whole box containing 24 pieces. You can easily tear off a single module (6 pieces). In addition, the removal of the tampon is more hygienic - the tampon falls out through a small hole. The triangular form of the packaging allows stable placement on the store shelf and the maximum use of space.

3rd place


Autor: Jonkiel Monika / Bazan Karolina
School: Wroclaw University of Science and Technology ­
Project: POPcornBOX

The POPcornBOX project allows you to enjoy your favorite snack in a designer package directly from the microwave. After inserting the box into the device, pop-up maize kernels break the package, creating a surprising form. The very process of preparing popcorn becomes interesting, and the resultant box can replace the serving dish. The authors in the next stages of the work are considering designing this type of packaging with material that allows for multiple use of the product.

3rd place

Autor: Skrzeczkowska Iwona
School: Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology in Warsaw
Project: Fifty fifty

Fifty fifty is a package designed for earrings. A simple form of packaging emphasizes the jewelry and makes it easier to make decisions when buying. The transparent half of the packaging makes it possible for the clients to put the earring on their ears and see how they look in it. Thanks to this, they avoid trying on jewelry (which is unhygienic in the case of earrings) and save time. In addition, the company logo can be placed on the second half with a feminine coloring, and product information on the back.

Others participants in alphabetical order:

Autor: Babska Joanna
School: Academy of Art in Szczecin
Project: Grzybek – packaging for a cup and saucer

The "Grzybek" packaging was designed to make the most effective use of the material from which it is made, while protecting the content. The result is a lossless * packaging from one cardboard strip, which can be folded without gluing into a shape that is unparalleled on shelves - a nice mushroom.
* losses from the total surface area of the package are <1%

Autor: Byszewska Janina
School: Warsaw University of Technology 
Project: Canmug – A beer mug

You also do not like to drink drinks directly from the can? It's time to do something about it! The Canmug packaging changes the can into a stylish pint. Made from a pleasant and aesthetic corrugated board, it allows you to enjoy the taste of a drink without having to contact cold aluminum!
* A straw is in the set

Autor: Dziepak Weronika / Krogulecka Aleksandra
School: Pedagogical University of Cracow
Project: Blue Dot Box

Assuming that the most important product in the packaging design is the product inside, we focused on displaying the Bolesławiec designs. We have combined the decoration of ceramics with the simple form and severity of cardboard. Thanks to the openwork being a synthetic reproduction of the shape of the cup, the painting visible through the opening becomes an intrinsic decoration. On one of the walls there is a sticker corresponding to the pattern of the cup visible through the openwork located on the opposite wall.

Autor: Harkawy Hanna
School: Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice​
Project: Cream packaging „Czarny Kot” ("Black Cat")

"Czarny Kot" is a part of series of packaging reminiscent of its cat form. It is designed for luxury cosmetics in glass containers that require protection during transport. Reversal of the graphic design colors makes it possible to distinguish between packages for two times of the day, thanks to which you can easily group cosmetics. The project is a response to the current trends in packaging for the cosmetics industry, which are based on the creation of forms similar to animals.

Autor: Imiela Kinga

School: Academy of Art in Szczecin

Project: TRAP

Packaging for a cup and saucer with a clean design, designed without the need for bonding with low material losses. Perfectly matched to the content and easy to assemble. Made of three-layer corrugated cardboard, suitable for recycling. The packaging can be easily modified to suit any shape and size of the product. Thanks to its simple shape, the packaging can be stacked on top of each other as well as in a row. It has a modern design and high durability.

Autor: Kępka Karolina Alicja
School: University of the Arts Poznan
Project: Jabłonnik

Packaging for a no-alcohol apple drink, made according to the recipe of the inhabitants of Stare Jabłonki, bottled in portions of 330ml. An innovative solution is a handle that facilitates the transfer of juice, which also acts as a label. Direct printing on corrugated board. An additional "band-label" prevents changing the position of the bottles. The design avoids gluing, is 100% ecological and biodegradable as well as simple and cheap in production. The project was created as part of cooperation with the village of Stare Jabłonki.

Autor: Kolińska Alicja
School: Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń
Project: Paśnik

"Paśnik" is a response to the neglected issues of packaging design for guinea pig products. The presented project is a box of dried herbs. It consists of a larger packaging, from which comes cartons with a herbal mixture. This solution helps to maintain the aroma and freshness of the product, which at the same time is perfectly visible through transparent windows. The packaging was decorated with hand-drawn plant drawings and a description of their nutritional value.


Autor: Korolczuk Dominika
School: Bialystok University of Technology
Project: Miódlasie

The name Miódlasie is a combination of the words honey and Podlasie, which suggests the locality of the product. The assumption of the project was to create an interesting set of packaging, matching the contemporary design trends, which would distinguish itself on the Polish honey market with its different and modern form. The geometric shape of the packaging refers to the honeycomb, and the color is based on the natural color of honey. The packaging was printed on a Sirio Pearl Oyster Shell 300g decorative cardboard.


Autor: Kozieł Natalia
School: University of the Arts Poznan
Project: Packaging for cakes​

Packaging for cinnamon-apple biscuits, designed for the local produce of Polish orchards. Made of one piece of corrugated board and a colored strip that surrounds the cakes and is a color accent for the whole. The packaging will fit 8 cakes, and the intuitive way of holding the box is to encourage people to share content. The opening facilitates the "tail", referring to the fruit. The graphics are a variation on the reflection of the cut apple.

Autor: Krystosiak Aleksandra
School: University of the Arts Poznan
Project: Exposition packaging for biscuits​

The main assumption of the project is to display the content. The packaging comes in two sizes, intended for 4 and 10 biscuits, which result from the division of the circle. Both work on the same principle, using the shape of biscuit to which they fit. To close the packaging, use a string that fastens the form in the right place.

Autor: Lalik Weronika
School: University of Silesia in Katowice
Project: Cardamo- salami di asino

'Cardamo- salami di asino' is a set of two labels for Italian salami. When designing them, I took into account the customer who has the desire to view the product. I want to shock the unconventional storage of food. The label, as well as the entire packaging, is designed to show high quality, it has to be elegantly presented on store shelves. It should attract your eye with its uniqueness. My intention was to create a label for a luxury product, because food is something special.

Autor: Łukasik Kinga
School: Academy of Art in Szczecin
Project: Handy

The design assumption of the "Handy" packaging is the combination of cosmetics storage with their convenient transport. The box has a handle connected with two small, bent wheels. Depending on the needs, this handle can be separated and hidden inside - the holes on the top of the package are used for this purpose. The goal of the project was to create something original and aesthetic from widely available materials. The whole attracts attention with its simple, geometric form and an intriguing shape.


Autor: Małek Patrycja
School: Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice​
Project: Blossom - a series of gift packages for wedding guests

The main idea of the project was to create a packaging inspired by peony and lotus flowers, which in the Far East culture mean love and prosperity. The specially designed opening mechanism refers to the development of flower buds. The graphic design of the packaging was inspired by the subtlety of watercolor paints. However, the colors refer to the most frequently searched colors in wedding accessories. The whole was made of one sheet of paper, without the need of glue.

Autor: Nowakowska Katarzyna
School: Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice​
Project: KN1

Packaging for dragees and dried fruits.

Autor: Pawlik Patrycja
School: Academy of Art in Łódź
Project: Rupaki- a collection of packaging for plush toys for children inspired by the poem by Danuta Wawiłow "About rupaki"

The main goal of the project was to create a coherent collection of packaging for toys for children from 4 to 7 years of age with a commercial (displaying product) and utility function - so that they could become a decorative element of a children's room or, for example, serve as the residence of creatures. The idea was to create packaging that could be re-used for fun and creative activity. The geometric form of packaging refers to the shapes of toys, and also brings to mind colorful houses.


Autor: Sawicka Beata
School: UTP University of Science and Technology in Bydgoszcz
Project: SmartBox

The idea for such a project came from a semester task, the problem of which was timing. Time, in the case of my project, concerns the suitability of the product (more precisely the drink) for consumption. It is a proposal to use a variable geometry in the drink carton, which informs us about the formation of gas inside the package - this factor causes the shape of the element placed on top of the carton to change.

Autor: Smukowski Marcin
School: University of the Arts Poznan
Project: Package

A set of sunglasses packaging in premium and standard version, designed for the optical salon. The premium packaging emphasizes the content and, through its form, makes the glasses inside are taken as a higher-class product. The standard version is intended for transporting and protecting reading glasses. Design made of cardboard, internal parts folded without the use of glue, external parts glued on the side. Both options take into account the place to put the showcase business card.

Autor: Walenciak Dominika / Drozdowska Olga
School: University of the Arts Poznan
Project: Visual identification of regional products of Stare Jabłonki village

Packaging design as a visual identification of the village of Stare Jabłonki. The graphic symbol is harmonious and through the introduced dynamic asymmetry. It shows the village as a peaceful place, perfect for relaxation, but also going with the times. The packaging is made of corrugated board and ecological paper. The whole is a combination of modern elements, such as: logotype and shape of packaging and traditional: handwritten style of typography and graphics depicting flowers and old machines for juice pressing.


Autor: Wota Marta
School: Academy of Art in Łódź
Project: Due Ingredienti - a series of pasta packaging

Due Ingredienti is a series of minimalistic pasta packaging. They are a collision of simple planes of textured paper with a regular wave, associated with the structure of pasta. The use of colored corrugated cardboard goes beyond a pure aesthetic procedure, using its properties as a new way of opening and closing the packaging. The pure form corresponds to the simplicity of the content, which is a combination of only two components. The boxes are designed to be seen from every side, like a sculpture.