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Present your brand to key customers

Each year, Packaging Innovations attracts representatives of thousands of brands from the food, beverage, cosmetics, household, pharmaceutical, chemical, automotive and many other industries. From CEOs, Operations Managers, Purchasing Managers and Product Innovators to Consultants, they're the ones who come to the show to find your products.


We were visited by representatives of:
Auchan, Avon Operations Polska, Bakalland, Bakoma Sp. z o.o., Coca-Cola Hellenic Poland Sp. z o.o., DAX COSMETICS, Decathlon Car Gliwice, Dr Vita, EuroPharma Alliance Sp. z o.o., FM Polska, Furgonetka, Helio S.A., Jeronimo Martins, Lajkonik Snacks Sp. z o.o., Krystyna Janda Sp. z o.o., Cosmetic Laboratory Dr Irena Eris Sp. z o.o., Lotte Wedel, Mars, Mieszko SA, MONDELEZ, PKN Orlen, PRO-LOGIS Sp. z o.o., Rossmann, YOPE, Yves Rocher, Ziaja Zakład Produkcji Leków Sp. z o.o., Żabka

Reserve a stand

Reserve a stand

Our team will help you with the process of it.

What makes Packaging Innovations Trade Fair special?

Thousands of new customers

As an exhibitor at the Packaging Innovations Trade Fair, you reach thousands of potential customers - management staff and specialists from the food, cosmetics, advertising, chemical, pharmaceutical and many more industries.

The only packaging fair in Poland focused on the artistic side of the product

Our trade fair focuses on a specific area: packaging branding. Thanks to this, we respond to the needs of companies whose representatives come to the fair for inspiration.

We promote your company from the moment you register

Thanks to us, you reach new customers from the moment you register for the trade fair. We undertake several marketing activities to promote your company in the best way.

The highest quality of service

Haven't you had the opportunity to participate in the fair as an exhibitor yet? Don't worry! Our team will guide you step by step, help you choose the best stand option, select appropriate forms of advertising and advise you on how to prepare for the event.

2 stages full of substantive presentations

We focus on the quality of the trade fair program, so we invite experts to provide participants with the latest knowledge, show trends and prepare them for changes, of which there are many in the industry!

Diversity at the trade fair

We are distinguished by the diversity of not only the thematic zones of the stands but also the lectures and contest projects of students.

What are the opportunities to participate?

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    We have prepared several types of stands for you, from economical construction to special stands tailored to your needs!

    Check out the stand offer

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    Advertising offer

    Our offer includes many advertising options - online, outdoor, and indoor. This will make your company stand out and be remembered by visitors!


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    Do you want to stand out from the competition? Become a partner of the Packaging Innovations Trade Fair and see how we can mark your presence at the fair.

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How to become an exhibitor?

  • Contact us

    Tell us about your company: what kind of customers you are looking for, what is your budget and the main goals of participating in the fair. We will prepare an offer for you and help you choose the best stand!

    Check what types of stands we offer:


  • Place an order in the exhibitor panel

    After analyzing the costs and choosing a stand, register your company in our online system and place an order.

    Fill out your company details in the online catalogue to make your company visible on the list of exhibitors!



  • Time for a promotion!

    Send us your promotional materials - a video invitation for use in social media, new products or an article with a case study of the implementation of your technology.

  • Invite your clients

    We see the greatest trade fair successes among exhibitors who were actively involved in promoting their participation before the event. Be sure to invite your current clients and inform your followers on social media and the website. Use the graphics we prepared and invite your clients to Packaging Innovations 2024.

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    Exhibitor profile

    • packaging made of various materials,
    • printing: print finishing, printing inks, labels,
    • machines, printers, scanners, plotters,
    • services: design, packaging testing, legal services, packaging recycling,
    • software for production management and packaging and label design,
    • materials needed for the production of packaging and labels,
    • packaging fillers, pallet wraps, packaging closures,
    • logistics, storage, packaging,
    • advertising stands, displays, advertising bags,
    • associations,
    • publishing houses
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    Visitor profile


    • cosmetics,
    • food,
    • beverages,
    • advertising,
    • chemical,
    • clothing and footwear,
    • pharmaceutical,
    • logistic,
    • automotive,
    • other: zoological, construction, furniture, electronic
  • I think that all exhibitors from the industry are here. Here we can compare our offer with the competition and check what other exhibitors offer. We can also present the offer to potential recipients here. At the fair, we can arrange a meeting, present the offer. Touch, see and talk about the product. Such a presentation is not possible over the phone.

  • We are pleasantly surprised for several reasons, firstly, how large the audience was yesterday and visitors asking about specific things related to our activities, secondly, we are pleasantly surprised at how a large, open stand works, because it is a very cool idea and I think if we participate, and we have been a guest for several years for the first time in such a large area, we will only go in this direction, it is a completely different contact with the client.

  • I think that there is still a lot of interest in the fair, it would seem that people today live in the world of the Internet and look for information through digital means. However, here I meet a lot of interesting "insights" from potential customers, there is a lot of interest, and a lot of people, and we also learn a lot from customers. There is also a lot of interest in the strongly ecological trend, and a lot of people ask about it, so from the perspective of the exhibitor, I am very happy to participate in this fair.

  • Ewelina Cackowska

    RPC Bramlage

  • Mariusz Saduś


  • Patrycja Rakowska-Dębska

    Stora Enso in Poland

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Lower stand prices (so-called "early bird") are valid until the 30th of April 2024.

  • We will open the reservation system in January 2024, but if you are interested in pre-booking a stand, please contact us.

  • Yes, we can build a stand for your company based on the provided design or prepare a new stand design.

  • The first part of the payment in the amount of 45% of the gross amount resulting from the order in the Exhibitor Panel should be paid as an advance payment 7 days from the confirmation of receipt of the application. The second instalment for the remaining part of the total gross amount resulting from the order in the Exhibitor Panel should be paid by the 1st of October 2024.

  • To use the discount for the reservation, you must register your participation in the fair by the 30th of April 2024. The final reservation time is the 1st of September 2024. If you wish to apply after this date, please contact us.
    Remember that the later you register, the less choice you will have about the stand location.

  • Yes, but you have to register this company as a co-exhibitor. You can do this by purchasing a registration fee for a co-exhibitor (the co-exhibitor will receive an entry on the list of exhibitors, 1 parking card and 1 ID badge).

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