Technical information

Shipping and storage

​The official shipping company of Packaging Innovations is TRANSMEBLE INTERNATIONAL Sp. z o.o.​

The company takes orders for:

  • shipping,
  • customs service,
  • unloading,
  • loading,
  • packaging storage for the duration of the fair.

ATTENTION! Please consult the date, time and other details of unloading your exhibits to avoid any delays.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Lower stand prices (so-called "early bird") are valid until the 30th of April 2024.

  • We will open the reservation system in January 2024, but if you are interested in pre-booking a stand, please contact us.

  • Yes, we can build a stand for your company based on the provided design or prepare a new stand design.

  • The first part of the payment in the amount of 45% of the gross amount resulting from the order in the Exhibitor Panel should be paid as an advance payment 7 days from the confirmation of receipt of the application. The second instalment for the remaining part of the total gross amount resulting from the order in the Exhibitor Panel should be paid by the 1st of October 2024.

  • To use the discount for the reservation, you must register your participation in the fair by the 30th of April 2024. The final reservation time is the 1st of September 2024. If you wish to apply after this date, please contact us.
    Remember that the later you register, the less choice you will have about the stand location.

  • Yes, but you have to register this company as a co-exhibitor. You can do this by purchasing a registration fee for a co-exhibitor (the co-exhibitor will receive an entry on the list of exhibitors, 1 parking card and 1 ID badge).