until the 30th of April 2024 - early bird price

30th of April - 1st of October 2024 - standard price


Reservation of a stand takes place after contact with the trade fair organizational department.

In some cases, it is possible to combine stands to create a larger area.

  • STANDARD-PLUS-18-1-NAROZNE (2).png

    Promotional stand

    2 types of stands

    An economical solution, fully equipped, terraced, corner, open on three sides or island. You can additionally order stand walls design.

    Asset 11xhdpi.svg [866.00 B]

    Fully equipped

    Asset 25xhdpi.svg [1.38 KB]

    It will also work for a smaller budget
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    Built-up area

    2 types of stands

    Construction without equipment for own arrangement. It is possible to prepare graphics for the stand - individual pricing.

    Asset 11xhdpi.svg [866.00 B]

    A stand with walls and connected media

    Asset 21xhdpi.svg [1.01 KB]

    Any arrangement inside the stand
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  • _ILE3741.jpg

    Special stand and non-build-up area

    3 types of stands

    Our company comprehensively deals with the design and construction of non-standard stands. ​Write to us to prepare a free quote and design of an individual stand.

    If you have your stand, you can purchase a non-build-up space. This is the so-called "bare surface" for which the necessary utilities must be ordered (e.g. electricity connection).

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