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13th Student Zone Contest

It is your time to shine!

Enter your project until the 30th of April 2024



Recognized by:

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  • Impression category

    Aesthetic, modern, surprising, defining the product it contains and, above all, standing out on the shelf. This is what packaging should be in the Impression Category. The design process is also important in this category. Out-of-the-box ideas and impeccable execution of the packaging are essential elements in the assessment of the design.

  • Functionality and form category

    Designs for unusual packaging design solutions will be judged. The Functionality and Form Category will consider innovative technologies, functions, safety features or packaging closures. Evaluated will be the innovativeness of solutions and recognition of the recipient's needs.

  • Graphic design category

    A category aimed at graphic designers who create interesting graphic designs on packaging. Participants may use any packaging by creating coherent graphic concepts on it. Participants will be judged on interesting ideas, precise execution and uniqueness of the design. Participants may submit either label or graphic designs for the packaging of a single product, or a coherent concept for the visual identity of an entire product line.

Student Zone Patrons

Student Zone Patrons