Our initiatives

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    Student Zone Contest

    For 13 years, we have been organizing the Student Zone during the Packaging Innovations International Packaging Trade Fair, where young designers present their works in three categories. This helps them to establish contacts in the packaging industry, often leading to internships or job offers.

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    Leave the case - take care of the environment

    We plan to reduce environmental pollution, so after the end of the fair, we encourage our exhibitors and guests leaving the building to leave the case in a specially prepared container at the trade fair reception.

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    Take your bottle to the fair

    At Packaging Innovations Trade Fair, we care about reducing the amount of unnecessary waste. That's why we encourage you to come to the fair with your bottle. There is a water dispenser in the hall, thanks to which you can put the water to your bottle.

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    People - decent work, education, equality

    We focus on equality and respect for all employees, ensuring high employment standards, fair remuneration and support in professional development.

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    Catering services

    We provide the highest quality of catering services at our events through cooperation with experienced companies that constantly improve their standards. We also strive to minimize food waste through initiatives such as Foodsharing and reducing the use of plastic by our subcontractors in favour of biodegradable materials or porcelain and glass.

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    Local cooperation

    We support the local market by building relationships with companies from Krakow City and Małopolska Region, which contributes to the development of the tourism industry in our region.

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    International Exhibition and Convention Centre

    When introducing the ECO mode of heating the facility, based on analyses carried out with MPEC, we reduced the consumption of technological heat. Additionally, we use LED lighting, we segregate waste, pay special fees for additional waste segregation from exhibitors, and we prefer reusable system construction.

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    In accordance with Krakow's Sustainable Tourism Policy for 2021-2028, we want to introduce sustainable solutions that enable harmony to be maintained in the city. We are a member of the KRAKOW NETWORK project, which creates a platform for cooperation between companies from our industry.


    Commitment to environmental protection

    During the construction of the EXPO Kraków facility, we removed trees that conflicted with the architectural design, but after the construction was completed, we planted twice as many trees as before and preserved more green areas, without expanding the parking area.

Tips for exhibitors

    • Ask our technical department to prepare your stand for reusing - you will be able to use it at the next fair or prepare your stand for our and other fairs
    • If you have your stand, use LED lighting
    • Use energy-saving devices at your stand, and remember to turn them off at the end of the day if possible
    • Be careful with the stand carpet - if it is not damaged, it can be reused
    • Instead of plastic bags, use fabric and paper bags
    • Don't prepare unnecessary gadgets - think about what materials may be not only interesting but also useful for your customers
    • If possible, come to the fair by train
    • Choose a hotel close to EXPO Kraków to easily get to the fair
    • Instead of taxis, use public transport
    • Enjoy local restaurants, including the Galicja restaurant on the 1st floor of the EXPO Kraków
    • Order only what you will eat - don't waste prepared food
    • Take a reusable bottle with you
    • Take part in discussions and lectures at trade fair to support the development of the industry
    • Inspire visitors by sharing your sustainable approach to business

Tips for visitors

  • Choose public transport to reach EXPO Kraków
  • When throwing away garbage, remember to segregate it
  • Choose a hotel close to EXPO Krakow so you can get there on foot or by public transport
  • Do not print your trade fair ID - just show it on your phone
  • Spend time after the trade fair supporting local businesses: restaurants, bars, attractions
  • Don't take unnecessary gadgets - if you know you won't need something, leave it for the exhibitor at the stand
  • Take your reusable bottle to the fair - there is a water dispenser in the hall for refilling